What are the advantages of using the Patriot™?
  • Easy to use by voters and precinct workers
  • LCD back-lit touch-screen voting technology
  • Enclosed in a sturdy, lightweight voting booth
  • Earliest possible Election Returns
  • Automatic Logic and Accuracy Pre-Test
  • Automatic count in precinct with printed report
  • Electronic telephone transfer of totals (via modem) directly from precinct to Central Station
  • Canvass transfer of precinct totals (via InfoPack™) at the Central Station
  • Reasonable purchase price
  • Very low operating cost
  • No hand counting of write-ins
  • No ballots to buy
  • No hanging chads
  • No punch, crimp and assemble
  • No ballot inspection boards
  • No light required for illumination in voting unit
  • No overvoting
  • No running out of ballots
  • No ballots in wrong precincts
  • No optical ballot printing or trimming problems
  • No pre-election checking and testing of ballots or ballot page printing
  • No problems determining optical "Voter intent" (smudges, dirt, wrong pen, circles, X's, checks, light marks, tears, etc.)
  • No problems with "mis-folded optical ballots"
  • No mechanical working parts problems
  • No different totals in a recount
  • Unlimited office, candidate and issue capacity
  • Remote control operation in precinct
  • Each voting device handles all ballot styles in precinct (separately for each voter)
  • Selectable language (English, Spanish, etc.) by each voter
  • Preferred by Seniors and Disabled
  • Easy to repair and replace
  • Easy to use Single-Entry IntEllect™ PC coding for accuracy (completed from start to finish by your staff)
  • Conforms to Federal standards (NASED passed, ITA tested)
  • Most modern, state-of-the-art system available
Additional Patriot Features Include...
  • Single Review page confirms choices to voter (allows changes)
  • Battery back-up
  • Damage resistant voting surface
  • Electronically counted write-in candidates through touch entering
  • Self-diagnostics detect possible problems before becoming major headaches
  • Public counter and protective counter
  • Quick and easy set-up for election in the precinct
  • Complete back-up system for obtaining totals in the precinct, if the printer should fail, after the polls close
  • Fraud and error protection, such as an internal clock, numbered seals, and multiple, identical memory (totals) chips (most in industry)
  • Combined Absentee totals
  • Audit Log is available that tells when various election functions were performed in the warehouse and the precinct
  • Multiple Electronic "Anonymous Voter's Logs" record internally each voter's selections in a completely random order, for possible recount reconstruction
  • Complete service package, including on-site training, warranty, manuals and escrow of software
Additional Options:

EARLY VOTING - One location or many locations for PATRIOT voting weeks ahead of the election. (All precincts - all ballot styles)

15" COLOR SCREEN or 10.4" BLACK and WHITE SCREEN - Either Voter Unit can be used and stored in the Voting Booth.

CURB-SIDE VOTING - A Voter Unit may be taken out to a disabled person in a car so that they may vote in person on election day.

FREEDOM VOTER UNIT - Allows sight-impaired and illiterate voters to vote unassisted with headphones and four different-shaped buttons

AUTOMATIC PRECINCT VOTER LIST - May be downloaded to the PATRIOT PCU for automatic ballot style selection, voter history update and signature identification.

CONVENIENT ELECTION DAY VOTING - Why have to rush home to vote when you can vote where you work?

PREFERENTIAL VOTING - Each voter ranks the candidates in numerical order (first, second, third, etc.)

Purchase costs for the Patriot Voting System™ may be spread over a number of years using any of our payment plans.

Please let us show you how we can install the UniLect Patriot Voting System™ in your City or County. You'll be glad you did!