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Danville, CA 94526-8026
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It is our pleasure to introduce the UniLect PATRIOT "Touch-Screen" Voting System™... the easiest-to-use, lightest weight, most cost-effective, least expensive, Direct Recording voting system in America. This first-of-its-kind Liquid Crystal, Touch-Screen system is receiving the highest reviews from both voters and election officials alike, wherever it is used.

We feel it encompasses the very best of all present systems, without any of the accompanying drawbacks of other systems.

  • Used in hundreds of jurisdiction-wide elections

  • Always finished early on election night.
  • Replaced every other type of system (including another DRE electronic system).

  • Has had several recounts. Each confirmed election night totals.

  • UniLect™ has never been responsible for a significant hardware or software election problem.

No other company or system can claim all of these points.

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